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Have you ever had that feeling that your missing something or Like you know something needs to change but your not sure what or where to start.

For me I get real anxious when things start feeling stagnant in my life. Like I need excitement. I need adventure. When It all starts feeling a little 9 ta 5ish, its time to ruffle the feathers a little. Pull ya favourite socks up and check in …


Pick-up hobbies you actually care about

Its easy to just not try new things when your friends don’t share the same enthusiasm. But who cares, life’s to short to sit back and wonder “Damn, I totally would’ve been the bestest golf player ever”

Stay connected to family

Pick up the phone. Even just a txt. Family is what keeps us grounded.

Live a more minimalist lifestyle

Its a pretty positive lifestyle change. Get rid of that unnecessary clutter. You will breathe easier. Trust me.

Be more spontaneous and adventurous

Totally a goody. Why stick to the same routine every night. Even with little kiddies, a little mix up can sometimes be a blessing….sometimes!! Haha. Pack up a picnic dinner and go down to the beach. Go down to your local rock climbing wall!
Plan an epic day out in the weekend, you would be surprised with how many local bush walks there are or just pull out ya bikes and go for a pedal. Breathe in that fresh air.

Stop caring about what others think

It actually is as easy as it sounds. You will feel so much happier. That little knot sitting in yo belly, will disappear. Be yourself. The first few steps will be hard but it gets easier.

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By all means you don’t need to go crazy and do everything at once. Its the little changes that can made the biggest difference.

Time to take back your LIFE!




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