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MUSIC Top 5 – Chill Out


Im a huge music person. Like, no way can I play any instruments or sing to save myself but music just gets me!

How ever I feel, music accentuates that rhythm that flows through me. It gets me through when I need help. It pushes me to be my best. It relaxes every ache in by body when I cant hold myself up.

So I though it would be cool to start a TOP 5 series, ill pick out my Top 5 current favourite songs to fit a “Mood”!!

Here are my Top 5 Chill out beats

Shot Reverse Shot  –  Jack Johnson

Maybe I’m Sorry  –  Three Legged Fox

This Must be the Place (Naive Melody)  –  Talking Heads

Unbelievers  –  Vampire Weekend

Dimming Fire  –  Passafire


Let me know your current Chill out beats so I can add to my spoitfy.



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