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Self Love

Fall in Love with taking care of yourself!!

How easy is it to forget to take time out for you. I’ts always been a bad habit of mine before I had my daughter, now it seems like its been weeks since I washed my hair. To give me some credit though, I do wash my face and brush my teeth every morning. But thats about as good as it gets.

Self Love is more then just appearance though, it goes much deeper. Ive always had body issue problems. I never felt happy when I looked in the mirror. I would put myself down everymorning before getting dressed for work. Things only got worse with my postpartum body. EVERYTHING changes after giving birth, you would think I could give myself atleast a bit of credit. Sadly I would sit there comparing myself to the many amazing women on instgram.

It wasnt till I started researching more about Positive Parenting that I realised, My daughter will one day be watching me being so hatefull towards myself, That she wont know any other way but to be hateful towards her own body, to wake up everymorning dreading the mirror scene that plays out everymorning.  Hey cause thats what mum does right.

I want to raise a Strong Young Women. A Young Women with Confidence.


So I needed to cleanse my aura from its negetive energy and practice Self Love.

Meditation & Yoga. I practice everymoring. Its gets all your blood flowing.

Lighting Candles. Cause who doesnt love candles right.

Drink More Water. A groggy mind will become a negative one. Add some fresh Lemon or Lime.

Foam Rolling. This is amazing. It will help release the tension build up in you muscles.

Positive Comebacks. When you start thinking of sometime you are unhappy about, back it up with something you love. Always end on a good note.

Paint Your Nails. I dont need to explain myself with this one.

Wash Your Hair. Haha okay so still working on this one!


Having a clean clutter free home is my go to happy place. Waking up to a clean house every morning will instantly put you in a mood vibe. So wash your dishes before bed, it will totally be worth it. Trust me!


Try out a 30 day Self Love challenge. Set yourself a new goal for each day, maybe put it in your calander. Each day do something positive. Whether its a diet change, a pamper treat or just shaving your legs in a bath filled with lush bath bombs. Treat yourself.

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