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My Zero Waste Journey

I watched A Plastic Ocean on Netflix and wow what an eye opener. If you haven’t seen it then you need to add it to your watch list for sure. Or check out their website, they have loads of interesting facts and tons of information about it.

Its crazy to think that half the plastic produced every year is SINGLE use plastic. We use it once, then it gets dumped (most likely into the ocean). Considering 300 Million Tons of plastic is produced a YEAR…..HALF is dumped after one use! Gah! Don’t even get me start on the poor marine life, they suffer the worst. Its heart breaking.


Ok so Zero waste.    It was totally gonna be an easy transition in my head. But you know what, its a hard game giving up plastic! Plastic is everywhere! I totally had to shift the way I was thinking. Instead of trying to be Zero Waste, I shifted more towards Reducing my plastic purchases. Its so easy to let yourself get caught up with the whole movement, by putting so much pressure on myself, I was constently feeling dissapointed.

Being more mindful about my purchases help me feel more positive about my changes I was making.  When I need to buy something I try opt for glass jars when possible, so I’m able to reuse the jar or When buying something in plastic I buy the option which is resealable so i’m able to reuse it at home atleast a few times before it gets binned (perfect for packing lunches as the containers can pile up and make your bag heavy. Also you can stop buying those resealable sandwhich bags).

Habit. Ive lost count of how many times i’ve gone down to do my grocery shop to realise my reusable bags are either at home or still in the boot of my car. But its all about habit right. Ive spend so long getting my goods packed into plastic bags for me, its going to take me a bit of time to change. (Lets ban plastic bags


So I want to start a Zero Waste Series where ill share new ways I’ve found to cut back on Plastic. Atleast being Plant- Based Vegan is a good start right. But we can always be better at recycling, reusing, homemaking and straight up being more conscious of our choices. Because at the end of the day, the more we are buying …the faster they will produce!

Leave me a comment below on some of your Zero Waste Ideas. Hopefully we can help each other out on this fight against plastic!!

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