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Vegan Snack Ideas

Smoothies are good, no wait smoothies are the best. There are so many different flavour options and don’t get me started on all the nutrients you can pack into one glass. But sometimes, (especially in winter) you crave something a little different. Maybe just to mix things up a little. Being busy pretty much all day playing stay at home mami, I forget theres easy simple fast snacks I can whip up, that are right in front of me…even tho I totally just checked the fridge then pantry then fridge like a million times and there was nothing to eat!

Nut Butter on Toast 

Almond butter is my thing!! How did I only just discover this! So much yummier then peanut butter (and peanut butter is the bomb)!

Nut butters are a good source of healthy fats. Its totally what our bodies crave when we don’t even time to whip up a mean smoothie and have an action packed day.  Not only that but it contains Vitamin E, Iron, Calcium and Protein. Tots a super food right!

Sliced Fruit

Fruit is the easiest snack, no cooking or prep needed really. But ya know sometimes it doesn’t look appealing, especially whens its so cold out side. I like to take the skin off and cut my fruit into pieces, sounds lame and seems like a bit to much extra work but trust me a bowl of sliced apple or orange is easier to smash back then staring at the fruit bowl like meh..neh!

Easy Lettuce Tacos

These are the bomb. Its awesome cause you can use anything in your fridge. Even better when theres left overs in there. My fav combo at the moment is Sauerkraut, Falafal and sweet chilli sauce. So easy to chuck together.

Yogurt, Nuts Seeds and Maple

I cant even begin to tell you how much I love this combo. I just works! Grab a bowl chuck in some coconut yogurt, throw a handful of your fav nuts and seeds or even just some granola, then drizzle some maple on top. So simple! You can get fancy and add some fruit.

Theres always something you can grab and whip up from your kitchen, its just making the effort to think outside what comes already in a packet! HOMEMADE IS BEST!

Throw me some of your ideas🍉

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