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Welcome to my blog!

My Partner and I have a beautiful daughter called Eleanor and a dog named Earl. Our little family are lucky enough to live in Wellington, New Zealand.

We are very much an outdoorsy family. Having way to many hobbies to even begin to start ramblin on about.


About 2 years ago I decided I needed a lifestyle change.

I had been away for 6months snowboard in the the Canadian mountains. Don’t get me wrong it was the best experience. The snow was amazing. I made tons of new friends. I also had minimal sleep. Ate incredibly bad food. Spend most night partying. By the end my body was a wreck. My skin was bad. I had gain loads of weight. I felt horrible.

Thats when i decided to go vegetarian. Little did I know a year later I would become a Zero Waste, Plastic hating, earth loving VEGAN ‘hippy’.

My skin got better. I lost all the weight PLUS some. I feel amazing. Plus no animals are being harmed and the environment will be that tiny bit cleaner.


I started this blog to share with everyone how easy it is to become healthier and happier without effecting our planet and any beings who walk it. Also just to prove that being Vegan isnt just salads and smoothies (although salads and smoothies are life).

I post recipes. Talk baby related topics. Share some of our family adventures. And all round share my passion for living a plant-based lifestyle.

I also have a YouTube channel where I share recipes and meals ideas.


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